More Magical Doorways, Naples

I was looking through some old photographs this week, and came across these images from a past trip to my favourite magical city, Naples.

These pictures brought back memories of my wanderings through the maze of narrow streets and alleyways that make up the city’s ancient Centro Storico. It’s a place full of intriguing surprises, with a beautiful baroque palace or crumbling church around ever corner.

An intriguing doorway in Naples

An intriguing doorway in Naples

I discovered a wonderful pink church on one of these strolls. I don’t know what the church was called, and to be honest I am not even sure I could find it again if I tried. The once-impressive building was in a bit of a sorry state, empty and boarded up, but I was particularly drawn to its magical old doors. All three were adorned with rather macabre carved skulls, a symbol of the Neapolitans’ strange fascination with death and mortality.

The wonderfully Baroque main door to an empty church in Naples

The wonderfully Baroque main door to an empty church in Naples

I love to imagine what lay inside, and while I feel sad to see historic buildings in such poor condition, there is definitely something magical about this city’s faded grandeur. I hope it won’t be too long before I go back to Naples, and do some more exploring of its back-streets in search of magic…and in the meantime, if anyone recognises this church and can identify it for me I would be eternally grateful!

A magical doorway in Naples

A magical doorway in Naples


8 Responses to “More Magical Doorways, Naples”

  1. I remember this one church in Vilnius that always seemed to loom ominously on the horizon. It turned out to be rather spooky up close, too, but that was almost beside the point.

  2. Though I’ve visited Italy a few times I have never yet made it to Naples. I have heard that its hidden backstreets are to be rivalled though, and your pictures certainly bear testament to that! Have you ever heard of the Capuchin Crypt in Rome? I was quite young when I visited with family but these doors just reminded me of the entrance off the street in the wall of an old church.

    • In fact I saw some photos of the Capuchin Crypt just a few weeks ago – it is now very high on my list of places to visit! Some people find Naples a bit intense, as it is noisy, dirty and quite ‘edgy’, I think it is one of those places you either love or hate.

  3. S.M.V. makes me think it might be Santa Maria della Visitazione. Just a guess.

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