Halloween Decorations, Atlanta

I’ve often heard how much they love Halloween over in the USA, but it was only on a visit to Atlanta, Georgia last week that I discovered quite how much.


These houses in the suburb of East Point give you an idea of the amount of effort some people go to when it comes to putting up Halloween decorations. Forget about a couple of sorry-looking pumpkin lanterns, these guys really go to town – giant cobwebs, gravestones all over the lawns, hanging corpses and much, much more.


I know that some people bemoan the commercialisation of Halloween, and I certainly saw plenty of that on my recent trip, including everything from pumpkin flavoured lattes to the constant advertisements for the latest horror blockbuster and supermarket aisles brimming with candy and junky plastic toys. But I loved these decorated houses with all their spooky accoutrements. The work and imagination involved the putting them together is astounding.

Zombies and corpses outside a Halloween house

Zombies and corpses outside a Halloween house

Strolling past these houses as the sun sets and a long dark night begins, well that is definitely a magical experience, even if I didn’t get to experience the crowds which apparently visit them on Halloween night itself.

Happy Halloween y’all!

Enter if you dare!

Enter if you dare!


12 Responses to “Halloween Decorations, Atlanta”

  1. Speaking as an American, it used to be the one time of the year when you could publicly parade your love of the weird and spooky. However, the advent of Buffy, Twilight, True Blood, and the like has made it more acceptable at other times of the year.

    That said, I always feel I deserve a piece of chocolate on Halloween. 🙂

  2. Great photos 🙂

  3. Happy Halloween!

  4. I’m back in the USA on Halloween for the first time in four years, and I have to admit I really missed the celebrations. Living in rural New England means that there are Jack O’ Lanterns everywhere and ghost lanterns hanging from bright maple trees. The commercialization can go way overboard, but there’s also a pleasant nostalgia and love (though it’s sometimes badly misdirected) for history and tradition. Happy Halloween!

  5. I was similarly amazed when I went to Ohio at Halloween time. So much style and imagination.

  6. Amazing!! I was just in New York and stuck my head into a “pup-up” shop of…dog Halloween costumes. Which I know is the most commercial side of the holiday, but I was greeted by a yorkie in a puffy dragon costume and I regret nothing. (Except for the fact that my dog’s too fat to fit into the amazing koi costume I found.)

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