Le Jardin aux Moines, Brittany

We’re back in the Forest of Broceliande this week, in a spot not far from the Val Sans Retour. In a clearing in the scrubby woodland on the edge of the forest lies the Jardin aux Moines, or Monks’ Garden, an unusual group of low stones with a mysterious history.

The Jardin aux Moins

The Jardin aux Moins

The legend goes that St Méen came to the region and discovered a community of rather debauched monks, who were more intent on having fun than following their holy orders. On one particular day the saint found the monks preparing for an orgy, and when he tried to persuade them to renounce their wicked ways they turned on him with violent intent.

Luckily for St Méen, divine punishment was quickly forthcoming, and the naughty monks were all turned into stones where they stood.

The reality is that the Jardin aux Moins is a neolithic monument, which was later reused during the bronze age, and although its purpose is not exactly clear, it probably had some sort of funerary function. But I much prefer the magical legend, which bears a striking resemblance to the tale of the nearby Demoiselles de Cojoux.

5 Responses to “Le Jardin aux Moines, Brittany”

  1. Those monks must have been rather short, wizened creatures! Or perhaps the rain has worn them down over the years.

  2. I know just what you mean about Brittany, I love the ancientness of it all and relative wildness. The stones (or as I like to call them “menhirs”) I loved, especially when you see them jutting out from a field or someone’s back garden. Loved Brittany!

    Rebekah x

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