December Will Be Magic Again, Kate Bush

You’ve probably heard of Kate Bush, but even if you know her work quite well it’s likely you won’t have heard of her rather obscure 1980 single December Will Be Magic Again.

The cover for December Will Magic Again, Kate Bush

The cover for December Will Magic Again, Kate Bush

A classic piece of unconventional, unique and slightly loopy Kate Bush, the song was released on 18th November 1980, and limped to an unimpressive 29 in the charts. No video was ever made for it, and it didn’t appear on any of Bush albums (except of course her 1990 anthology This Woman’s Work, which includes just about everything she ever recorded).

The only place you can easily get hold of it online is here, where you can watch Bush’s performance of the song on her 1979 TV Christmas special. With its jingling bells, swooping vocals and references to Saint Nick and Bing Crosby, its all wonderfully Christmassy, if a little bonkers.

Here’s to a truly magical Christmas!


6 Responses to “December Will Be Magic Again, Kate Bush”

  1. What a ‘trouvaille’ Alan! Great artist, ‘Wurthering Heights’ is still one of the craziest and nicest song ever.

  2. I thought I had this on a CD-single (which, illogically, never has just one song on it), but I probably was mistaken, since my search of my collection yielded only another song, “Home for Christmas,” instead. Thanks for posting on this, from another KB fan.

  3. This has made my Christmas – thanks MSFM. KB’s voice is the very definition of magic! I just found this:

    Jen xx

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  5. I’m a HUGE Kate fan, and although having read about this song clicking your link is the first time I’ve heard it, thanks for posting! The seeds for 50 words… were perhaps sewn in ’79!

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